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#Our History

Lovett Property Group purchased their first development site in 2001, which was the beginning of something great. Armed with little more than a vision and driving entrepreneurial spirit, the company’s founder, Darren Lovett developed four quality town homes in Juliette Street, Greenslopes.

Some two decades on, this unwavering enthusiasm and obsession with quality remain deeply ingrained in the company’s culture. The Greenslopes project stands as testament to its dedication to premium design and construction, with a string of distinctive sold-out projects now featured across Brisbane and the South East.

Weathering the market ups and downs, this trusted family business has come out successfully on the other side, motivated by their passion for creating beautiful and liveable homes that will stand the test of time.

#Meet Darren

Darren is the managing director of Lovett Property Group and has been developing residential property since forming the company in 2001.

Highly experienced in all aspects of the business, Darren specialises in site acquisitions and negotiating complex strategies for the group. But it is his hands-on approach and meticulous attention-to-detail throughout every stage of a project that give him an edge. Overseeing the entire development process from site selection right up until the sale of the completed product, Darren ensures that every design offers its buyer the height of comfort and functionality.

Proud of the buildings he has created over the past 20 years, his goal is to continue strengthening the family business to pass onto his children and future generations.

#Vision & Values


We create exceptional spaces of the highest quality that our residents are proud to call ‘home’.


We are focused on delivering the best outcomes for all of our valued team members, project partners and residents.


To be a socially conscious business that enhances people’s lives.


To leave a lasting legacy with buildings that will stand the test of time

#Our Impact

Learn, Grow and Give is our mantra. We choose to make small but meaningful contributions around the globe to create a more sustainable future.

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